Tuesday, September 01, 2009

. . . or cuter than this?

Brett Favre had a busy first game with the Minnesota Vikings in their 17-10 pre-season win over the Houston Texans. Favre threw a touchdown pass, was sacked and possibly broke a rib, threw an illegal crackback block that injured an opponent and retired and un-retired three times.

There was an awkward moment when, at the post game press conference,
Favre wandered in and asked "Now why did I come in here again?"

Chris Brown told Larry King he can't remember hitting
Rihanna. To which Larry King announced he can't remember who Chris Brown is.

Chris Brown told Larry King he can't remember hitting
Rihanna. You've heard of Alzheimer's disease? Apparently Brown has I'll-slam-her disease.

Reporters say Barack Obama's hair is getting grayer. On vacation, the guy bowls, plays golf and bocce ball, the rest of him is getting whiter, why not his hair?

Paula Abdul hired a new business manager who promptly lost her deal with "American Idol" and booked her an act in Las Vegas performing her hits. This just in: Paula Abdul needs to fire her new business manager.

Since you asked:

Finally found a way to lose weight that I can stick to. I am going to be a vegetarian and quit drinking entirely (pause for my friends to feint and then get back up) until Six PM. Just cereal, yogurt, fruit, veggies and nuts snacked on during the day - as I hate sitting down for lunch, this is a no-brainer - but I love to grill and cook a good dinner, especially after a workout. And have a few glasses of wine.

This does not mean I go crazy every night. Mostly grilled chicken and fish with a few good steaks tossed in there. Lots of rice and salad.

The only time this might change is after I go surfing. Not sure if I can wait until Six for a beer and some killer Mexican food. And then a margarita. Or more.

Megan Fox says she is insecure about her looks. Whereas I am totally secure about my looks. This just in: there is officially no connection between how you look and being secure about your looks.