Friday, August 28, 2009

Perhaps the greatest pre-steroid athlete of all time, Rafer Johnson. At least right there with Jackie Robinson.

The rumor is that among the items stolen from Lindsay Lohen's house are sex tapes and pictures that could be embarrassing for Lohan. That is shocking. It is actually still possible to embarrass Lindsay Lohan?

The rumor is that Brad Pitt is in hot water with Angelina Jolie for a long drinking binge. Who can blame Pitt? When he started seeing Angelina she was a bi-sexual drugged-out party girl, now she is Mother Teresa who can't walk past a baby surrounded by flies without adopting it.

According to rumors, among the items stolen from Lindsay Lohan's house are sex tapes and photographs that would prove embarrassing. What could possibly embarrass Lindsay Lohan? We've seen pictures of her shaved whohah countless times, she was living with a scary and crazy lesbian disk jockey, she does enough booze and cocaine to derail a heavy metal tour. Unless those pictures show Lindsay pleasing Osama bin Laden's goat, I don't think they can be embarrassing. Oh, no, you don't suppose . . .

KFC has a new sandwich where they replace the bread with fried chicken. Yeah, and later, if you eat enough of them, you can replace your door stop with your heart.