Monday, August 17, 2009

Anyone still question the power rock has over women? This is the Blues Travelers' John Popper who got with Tara Reid - while she was still hot - and Paris Hilton before he lost 100 pounds.

Convicted dog-fighter, Michael Vick was on "60 Minutes" which is "420 Minutes" in dog-fighting years.

Vick was sad, contrite, remorseful, in other words, all hang-doggy.

After 20 years the country duo of Brooks and Dunn is breaking up. But they're not leaving country music. The only way to leave country music is to do what the Dixie Chicks' Natalie Mayne did: bad mouth your country and insult your fans who objected.

"American Idol" is considering replacements for Paula Abdul. Let me just say Paula Abdul cannot be replaced. But my martini-swilling, younger-men-chasing overly-tanned crazy Aunt Katie could come a close second.

Since you asked:

It would be a labor of love to gather financing and write a funny and informative script, then hire a film crew and then shoot a documentary chronicling the rise of rock in Los Angeles in the late Sixties to early Seventies, focusing first on the pioneers, the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, Beach Boys, the Doors, all the way through - and then emphasising - the Eagles.

It would be a blast to show which songs were written in which house in Laurel and Coldwater Canyons. The Malibu/Zuma house where Hotel California was strummed out on a late afternoon/ early evening after a great day at the beach in Malibu by Don Felder. The living room where Glenn Frey came up with Desperado in the Laurel Canyon house that used to belong to Dorothy Lamour.

And yes, show the cause of the crash of the huge party in 1969, Charlie Manson and where they lived and partied with the rock stars.

Interviews with the key players as to what it was like in those halcyon days.

And of course all of that great music as the soundtrack.

Wouldn't you want to see the Joni Mitchell house where Graham Nash wrote "Our House?" The backyard campfire pit where Graham Parsons helped Keith Richards write "Wild Horses?"

Then, at the end, do a day in the life of the Eagles showing morning coming up Coldwater Canyon, beers and cigarettes at the piano and guitars in the living room writing songs, then down to the studio on Sunset Blvd to record, off to the Troubador for drinks with their friends, like J.D. Souther, wine-soaked pasta next door at Dan Tana's then back up to the Coldsprings for poker and a wild party.

Working title? "Bring Your Alibis" The rise of rock, and the Eagles, in Los Angeles.

Anyone interested in funding this and getting a producer credit, let me know.

John McCain Titter post:
Met with Gen McChrystal, US Amb Eikenberry, and Afghan officials in Kabul. Will go out to the field tomorrow.

Right next to this one by Paris Hilton:
Check out my New Shoes -

Is this a great country or what?