Thursday, July 09, 2009

Ann Caroline at Christmas. It's a little fuzzy.
It was embarrassing, the "Where are they now?" issue of "Sports Illustrated" is out and it features the 2009 Washington Nationals.

Have you seen the Evian rollerblading babies commercial? It is so funny and cute it made Manny Rameriz's water break.

They say Evian is naive spelled backwards, but I don't believe that. But I do know those were some amazingly talented rollerblading babies. How did they get so good?

A Frenchman, Thomas Voeckler, won the fifth stage of the Tour De France in a tight battle; this is also the first time the words Frenchman won and battle have appeared together.

Joey Chestnut won the Fourth of July Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest with a record 68 in ten minutes; Chestnut also set a record this week for most plumbing emergencies.

Oscar Mayor died this week at 95. Sadly, we'll never know why bologna is pronounced below knee. Which reminds me, I have to record this week's HBO segment of "Hung."

Since you asked:

You can go ahead and continue to eat steak sandwiches if you want, but do so knowing full well that the best steak sandwich ever made and eaten was done by both by your blogging pal Lexter.

Get nice French bread sandwich rolls. Marinate the flank steak in red wine. Drain the wine marinade and add dollop of ketchup, soy sauce and garlic powder, boil and then slowly reduce to half or less. Saute onions until brown.

Grill steak with hot lump coals with indirect heat for 24 minutes apply sea salt. Finish right over the coals two minutes per side.

Slather the flank steak in olive oil, add more salt and let it rest with tin foil tent. Brown the bun on the grill.

Add mayo to both sides of bun, thinly sliced steak, wine sauce, thinly sliced tomatoes and the onions.

Red table wine and a game on HD and Bob is your frickin' Uncle.

Lex's new drink of choice? Got it from no less than Jimmy Buffet in "Men's Journal" magazine.

Mont Gay rum over the rocks with coconut water* and a squeeze of lime. Damn. So tasty and no hangover. How do you beat that? Answer? You don't. Not with a stick.

(*Coconut water, not coconut milk. Twice the potassium of a banana)