Tuesday, August 24, 2004

We in the Shizzle for Rezzle, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

It’s Greek to me
Decathlon World Champion Tom Pappas pulled out of the Decathlon with a strained foot. Ironically, Pappas is an old Greek word that, roughly translated, means: Boy, do my Nikes suck.

The Decathlon is ten demanding track and field events contested over two long days. For those who are interested, Decathlon is an ancient Greek word that means; “Why didn’t I pick bowling instead?”

Two different opinions
*There is a controversy over whether Paul Hamm deserves his all-around gold medal since there was a mistake in the score. John Kerry said Hamm should throw the medal away and then try and re-claim it, and President Bush said; “What’s wrong with finishing second but being awarded the win?”

Not the race card, the test tube
*The press is making a big deal over the fact 400-meter gold medal winner Jeremy Wariner is the first white sprinter to win in a long time. That’s silly, everyone knows it doesn’t matter if you are black or white, it only matters that your steroids don’t show up in the urine test.

Since you asked:

Blessed is the TiVo. All hail the TiVo.

Thanks to my DVR device, I have not missed one second of the Decathlon coverage, which, by the way, compared to other Olympics, has been pretty good. Probably due to NBC’s lame plugging of Tom Pappas’s far-flung Greek heritage. Not only that, but I get to speed through all the Olympic stuff I don’t give a Blue-tongued Australian Skink about.

Go U.S. Women’s soccer. That will be awesome on Thursday. The final hurrah for Babe City.

Did you see how relaxed and fast Jeremy Wariner was in his 400 win? Believe me, I have been on both sides of that equation. The 400 is a lot like hitting off the tee. When you tense up and try real hard, it goes very badly very quickly.

Of course, for it to go THAT well – 44 seconds - requires amazing fitness, talent, training and technique. The Decathlon participants are amazing athletes and, granted, they’ve had a long hard day, but they are fast, fit and well-coached and they are coming in at around 47-48. Wariner is over three seconds faster than that.

But then, my man Bill Toomey ran a righteous 45 in Mexico City 1968 during his Decathlon gold.