Thursday, January 01, 2015

Lex’s New Years Poker Tips.

Mix it up
As much as I love a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament, it is fun to mix it up. Played recently with friends and the dealer called whatever game he wanted. (No cards on heads) That way you’re not locked in and more people can win instead of winner-take-all.

It comes down to five best cards.
Whatever goofy-ass game somebody calls, remember poker is just about who has the best five cards. Learn your suits. A flush beats a straight. Somewhere I read the most blown hand is a flush. People don’t look for it. Or they throw it away.

Look at what’s on the table
People try to build their hand when the key card they need is already out there for the world to see. If you need a queen to complete your straight, and there are two on the table? You’re screwed.

Folding is your friend
The biggest mistake is spending too much money to build a hand. Sure, you want to stay in and get lucky on the draw, but it only happens about once in a hundred times. Paying to build a bad hand good is how you lose 80% of your money. A smart tip is only play hands that are so good they won’t let you fold.

Look at the other players when they’re looking at their cards.
Unless you’re playing with world class players – and you’re not playing with world class players -  who will look confused when they actually have a full house, 99% of poker players will look confused and shuffle through their cards as they try to build the impossible-to-get straight. Look at how they respond to the cards they draw. If their bet goes down, they did not get what they wanted. If their bet goes up, they’re probably bluffing. Which leads to . . .

Don’t look at your cards too much.
It means you have a lousy hand. Who can’t remember three of a kind? Or a flush?

Don’t drink too much
Once I was winning a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament and blew 30% of my take on the last two hands. Why? You know why.