Sunday, January 27, 2013

It was foggy in LA this weekend. It was so foggy Bruce Jenner mistakenly got into the same bed as Kris Jenner.

The Earl Weaver funeral ceremony was moving. Until the end when an umpire tossed Earl out of the service.

A Wisconsin survey reveals 81% of people lie about their online dating information; Seriously folks, how many female sex therapists/master chefs and male former Navy Seal swimwear models do you think are out there? 

The NFL Pro Bowl was played Sunday in Hawaii; yeah, I don’t care either.

Since you asked: 
Screw it. I've been telling myself I have been rooting against Tiger Woods. I am lying to myself. Can't help it. The guy is that good.

Yes, he is a jerk to waiters. Yes, he is a cheapskate. Yes he lied and cheated on his wife. But I think he is growing up. And he is becoming a mentor to some of the young guys. 

How well would I have handled the mind-boggling wealth, power and fame thrust on Tiger? Well, I am amazingly charming, witty, funny and lovable despite an intimidating, gruff, but oddly-sexy manly exterior. So don't use me as an example. 

They say there are no second acts in American life, but Tiger might be living one. 

You loser Nike weasels? Still hate your sorry asses.