Wednesday, August 19, 2009

'Dis right here my sweet little Kasey-bear

Ding-dinga-ding-dinga-dooo, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Personally I cannot imagine an NFL without Brett Favre, primarily because he won't give me a freaking chance.

A month after her brother, Zac Sunderland, set a record as the first 17-year-old to sail around the world, his sister, Abby, who turns 16 in October, announced plans to make the first non-stop sail around the world. Upon hearing this, teenage parents everywhere said;

"You can send your teenager out in a boat around the world?"

Brett Favre has decided to come out of retirement . . . again, this time for the Minnesota Vikings. How would you like to get stuck behind Favre at the training camp cafeteria?

"I'll have the pasta, no, the steak, no, the fried chicken, no, the meatloaf, no, I want the pasta . . ."

I'm hearing Brett Favre came back to the NFL just so he could yell to Michael Vick; "Let's beat the Philadelphia Beagles."

Since you asked:

What a day. Stand up paddle board surfed Torrey Pines right next to a pod of dolphins. To show what amazing exercise SUP surfing is, my feet and hands are tired. I didn't know feet and hands could get tired, but they can.