Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Los Angeles Rams coach, Sean McVay, is the latest of 26 great college and pro football coaches to have gone to Miami of Ohio University. 

That is amazing when you consider they weren't smart enough to know that Miami of Ohio is not in Florida.

80% of the country is gripped in bitter cold. People are shaking like a Kardashian on "Celebrity Jeopardy."

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about something being funny on an "S&L" skit mistaking the night in "Saturday Night Live" for and. 

"Live from New York, it's "Saturday And Live".

What an idiot.

Jackie Robinson would be 100-years-old today. With everything going on with race in sports, I believe if Jackie was alive today he would say,

"Holy crap, I am old as hell."

Ariana Grande fixed the misspelled Japanese tattoo. She thought it said "7 Rings" for her song. But it actually said, 

"15 minutes could save you 15% on your car insurance with Geico."

Since you asked:

One of my favorite sports memories is scoring the winning touchdown my Junior year on Homecoming. It was a bright, beautiful Fall late afternoon and I was dog-piled in the end zone by my teammates. 

It was one of those amazing moments when you look at the sky and you just want that moment to freeze forever. It doesn’t. Came out of the locker room and the sun was setting and it made me a little sad to know that moment had passed forever.

But a part of it is still with me.  

There was a second on that Saturday sunset when I actually vainly wondered if I was going to be mobbed on school on Monday.

But there was still the after-game party to look forward to.

Because I had had such a great game, I was emboldened to go up to a goddess of cheerleaders, Debbie Fox, who was standing by the keg. (Kristen Bell would play Debbie in the movie)

“So what did you think of the game?” I asked waiting for the flattery to wash down on me like Hawaiin rain. Debbie said,

“It was fantastic. We won. Oh, did you play?”