Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Donald Trump has appointed a lot of Generals, General Kelly, General Mattis and General McMaster. And Donald's son, Eric, General Disappointment. 

The foul-tipping Chicago Cubs fan, Steve Bartman, wrongly accused of causing the 2003 NLCS loss, has been given a 2016 World Series ring. The bad news is Bartman dropped the ring and it fell down a sewer. 

Los Angeles has been awarded the 2028 Olympics. If you’re planning on driving to Los Angeles, you might want to leave now.  

Anthony Scarmucci has a smarmy press conference, gets the Chief of Staff fired, Reince Priebus, gives an on-the-record obscene interview to “New Yorker,” misses his baby’s birth and his wife divorces him and then he is fired. Good luck finding a Hallmark card for that. 

Since you asked:

Every once in a while you read a story that unexpectedly just gut-punches you. David Feherty losing his 29-year-old son to drug addiction is one of those. 

David is a talented and genuinely funny golf announcer. And like a lot of funny people I admire, he has two things in abundance: flaws and honesty. His flaws were chronicled with his victorious struggles with alcohol, which he addressed with his uncommonly open honesty.

The loss of his son to drugs has to rip open bandages of guilt for David. How much did his struggles with his own flaws affect his child? One has to hope the strength and courage David found in his struggles will continue during this new, awful fight. 

People who do not get that Trump’s statement for cops to be rough to suspects was a joke do not understand just how wrong Trump is about his being funny. 

There are a lot of people, like Trump, who think they're funny and they're not. (Some readers might say this blog's author) 

Not many of those have had paid sycophants laughing uproariously at their awful jokes for 40 years.

You almost can't blame him, but Trump genuinely thinks he is hilarious and he is dead wrong.