Saturday, July 29, 2017

US soccer defeated Jamaica to win the Gold Cup. This is the first sports story to use the words Jamaica and Gold that did not involve Ricky Williams smoking pot.

Donald Trump is the first president in 130 years without a dog in the White House. If you don’t count the Schnauzer he wears on his head.

During the Chicago Cubs win 4-2 over the Milwaukee Brewers, Chris Christie got in the face of a Cubs fan who heckled him. Christie was furious someone tried to upset him on National Cheesecake Day. 

When O.J. Simpson is released from prison in October, he will not be welcome at USC’s football practices. USC has a strict policy against allowing double murderers who no longer have any money to contribute to their program.

Since you asked:

Just read the “Reader’s Digest” 7 signs of a pending heart attack. 1, Fatigue. 2, Soreness in the arm or back. 3, Upset stomach, 4, Feeling of dread, 5, Writing corny jokes, 6, Wait, is 5 right? 7, Goodbye everyone. 

One of the least surprising things I have read in a long time is that Donald Trump is not a dog person. (If you don't count Kellyanne Conway was a vicious lapdog) 

Just saw "The Keepers" on Netflex. (Spoiler alerts) Like with most cases, too many coincidences mean no coincidences. Hey, Baltimore Archdiocese, are there any other pedophile rapists you're covering up?

This documentary showed me a world of which I was totally unfamiliar.

In watching this, I was dumbfounded how so many people in Baltimore in the ’60's were devout Catholics who got married young, worked their asses off in a factory, barely scraped by so they could live in a row house, tend their postage-stamp lawn and raise a ton of kids. 

They sacrificed like this to go to church every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night in the fervent hope their daughters will someday grow up to wear a communion veil. 

Nothing about this does not strike me as depressing as all hell.

But then there is another level beyond that of the people who endure physical and mental discipline taken to the level of torture to become nuns and priests. 

And despite all of that incredible and admirable devotion to religion and hard work and family, a human monster, like Father Maskell, could exist in that world. Let alone a thousand of them as exposed in Boston in “Spotlight.” 

It was shocking to witness the Catholic Church's lawyers fighting to get Maskell - and the church - off of his 50 to 100 pedophile charges under an old statute of limitations law. And doing so by saying, hey, it's a bad law, but that is the law. Sorry. And then turn around and fight the repeal of that same law. 

The victims lost some credibility suing for $50 mil. For saying it was not about money, that is a lot of money. 

(That smug D.A. Sharon May should be in prison. Not having evidence and not using evidence is not the same thing. As I am not a conspiracy theory fan, I do not think she was in bed with the Archdiocese, she was just criminally inept and covering her ass) 


That is like getting your client off murder on an obscure law that allows someone to serve someone a poisoned drink. And then fighting the removal of the poisoned drink law by arguing, “People should be allowed their freedom, even if that freedom consists of poisoning other people.”

Baseball statistics need to take game tieing or leading hits and RBI's and multiply them by three. They need to take game winning hits and RBI's and multiply them by five. That rightfully waters down the kind of players like A-Rod who only got home runs when they were winning 5-0. 

And here I thought I understood neediness until a saw a youngest child comedian discover Facebook live.

The same annoying person who gets into your way when you go to the store? They will get in your way again before you leave. 

One of my super powers is the ability to have one of the last 10,000 people in the country who have no idea how to use a grocery store check-out pad and have them appear in front of me in line.

The same annoying person who gets in your way when you go to the store? They will get in your way again before you leave.