Thursday, February 16, 2017

Retired Vice Admiral, Robert S. Harward, turned down Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor offer. Harward, a former Navy Seal and genuine tough guy, said he wants to spend more time with his friends and family making fun of Trump’s tiny pussy-grabbing hands.

The makers of “Monopoly” have dropped the thimble and are letting the Internet vote on its replacement. So far the leading candidates are a tin of caviar, a bowl of borscht and a bottle of vodka. Yeah, the Russians hacked us again.

Donald Trump had a wild press conference Thursday where he went off-script. In fact, to say Donald Trump went off-script is to say the Titanic diverged from its itinerary. 

Since you asked:

More Lex Name-dropping version Seal Team One.

The guy Donald Trump named to be the new National Security Advisor, but declined, Vice Admiral Robert S. Harward? He was the commander of Seal Team One right before my buddy, James O’Connell who replaced him in 2003. And the guy who replaced my buddy, Jamie O’Connell in 2005? A friend and a damn good quarterback from our sister high school New Trier West, Steve Fitzgerald. 

Its a small world, Seal style.