Thursday, September 01, 2016

It was awkward watching Donald Trump try and pander to the Mexican crowd. He opened his speech with “Hola Los Murderers and Los Rapists.” 

The US now doubts Russia killed ISIS spokesperson, Mohammad al-Adnani. First of all, Putin hasn’t even denied killing him.  

Donald Trump went to Mexico and spoke with President Peña Nieto, but they disagree over what was said about paying for the wall. Nieto said Mexico will not pay for it. And Trump said, “Hell, I never pay workers anyway.” 

Several observers of Donald Trump’s speech in Mexico commented Trump appeared whacked-out on pills. For example he called for Pink Floyd to build the wall. 

It was three years ago on this date Kim Jong Un had a girlfriend executed from making a sex tape. And how do we introduce him to the Kardashians? 

Ryan Lochte has a new endorsement deal with a crime prevention device. Apparently you pull a pin and the device screams: “Douche Alert! Douche Alert! Douche Alert!” 

After his third sexting scandal, Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, left him. It was the most famous case of a woman cutting off a Weiner since John Wayne Bobbitt. 

Hillary Clinton has a 56% unfavorable rating and Trump’s is even higher. This is the election between the fat, smelly bully and the teacher’s pet who reminds the teacher to assign homework. 

A study claims dogs comprehend our words far more than we previously thought. For example, when we repeatedly say to a dog, “Who’s a good dog? Who’s a good dog?” The dog thinks, “Wow, my human really is an idiot.” 

For example, when we say to a dog, “Was dis my widdle puppy wuppers?” The dog thinks, “Oh no, my human had a stroke.” 

Patriot QB Tom Brady’s new floppy hair style is getting hammered by trolls on the Internet. I believe the name of Tom’s hairstyle is “I Sleep with Giselle and You Don’t.” 

Since you asked:

Saw “Sisters” with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Not great, but then that could be due to the fact I have such high expectations for Tina and Amy. I could not be a bigger fan. They have had “Weekend Update” segments on “SNL” that were funnier. 

“Sisters” has some amazingly funny throwaway lines. And you have to admire their giving a shot to underrated great comedians like Paula Pell who wrote it and Greta Lee, who, like her co-stars on “Inside Amy Schumer,” deserve way more credit than they are getting. 

Did love how Pell, a lesbian, let fly with the lesbian jokes. And the always amazing Kate McKinnon delivers. 

Great cast, but one of the main plot lines centers around a penis drawing on the wall. So . . . 

"Sisters" got 60% on "Rotten Tomatoes" but it was a weak 60. The rotten reviews were firm. The tomato reviews hedged like crazy. 
"Well, it is Tina and Amy so let's give it the benefit . . . " 

Watching “Sisters” is like eating a Cinnabon. You don’t buy one thinking eating it will help your goal of winning a gold medal in the Olympic Decathlon. And once you start eating it, it is kind of hard to finish, but you do it anyway.