Saturday, August 13, 2016

In Rio, a Russian springboard diver did a back flop and scored zero points. They named the dive the Hope Solo.

The Russian hit the water so hard it knocked some of the steroids right out of her.

Friday was two-time steroid cheat, Alex Rodriguez’s last game as a New York Yankee. Compared to Derek Jeter’s retirement tour, it was the difference between landing on the moon and repairing the bathroom on the International Space Station. 

Following the US’s women’s soccer upset by Sweden, Hope Solo called the Swedish team cowards. I don’t want to say Hope is an ugly American, but Solo then jumped into her gas-guzzling Hummer parked in a fire lane, got on her hand-held cell phone and cut off ten drivers without signaling. 

Since you asked:

Cannot stand the blue track at Rio. It looks like some hick indoor high school track. And no Olympic flame at the track? There is something fundamentally wrong with that. 

In 8th grade I ran 56 in the 400. It took me four years to get down to 52 and then four more more - after two years off with a torn left hamstring and a bad back - to break 50 and that was in a 4 X 400 relay. Breaking 50 in the 400 is big step. But then once you break through that the next step is 46. 

The top guys in the Olympics are cruising to 45’s. That is impressive. 

Awwwww Shecky Ledecky. That girl pulled a Secretariat at Belmont in the 800 Free. 

Stanford is crushing the Olympics with 31 athletes. Second are my UCSB sister schools Berkeley and UCLA with 16 each. (Stanford should have 32 with volleyball star, Carly Wopat) 

Stanford swimming is just killing it with Simone Manuel, Katie “Awwww Shecky” Ledecky and Maya DiRado. Can you imagine being Katie Ledecky’s roommate at Stanford? 

“Where should I put my Taylor Swift poster?”

“Oh, just put it up next to my four gold medals and the one silver medal.” 

Oh, and PS, the Brazilian crowds suck. Very anti-US. Sure, it turns out they were right to boo the classless Hope Solo, but not everyone else.

Was a big fan of the Hope Solo all through here classless tantrum when she was benched for veteran Brianna Scurry, her endless scuffling with coaches, the press and teammates, her DUI and domestic violence arrests. 

She had a crazy dad who was in the mafia and then was homeless. Give her a break, I thought. 

Then she committed moronic social media suicide mocking Brazil and the Zika virus. Even so, lighten up with booing, Brazil, I thought. 

And then Hope done up and pooped the bed by calling Sweden cowards for beating her ass. 

All done, Hope. Hope you go solo. See you. Would not want to be you.

Still in bemused awe at the Ryan Lochte "NBC" interview. His blue hair is the least stupid thing about him. That guy such an idiot it is amazing he can figure out how to use a toilet.  Wally, our goldendoodle, takes poops smarter than Lochte. 

A “Washington Post” article asks rhetorically if Donald Trump has hit rock bottom. No, Trump has not hit rock bottom. 

Trump has passed rock bottom to get nekkid to slather himself with rancid baby seal fat and he has slithered down into the sewers of Rangoon to hump blind orphan alligators. 

The more I listen to Trump the more it becomes clear none of us, no matter how much we hated him, had any idea how much of a daft prick Donald Trump truly is. 

If the republicans have any hopes of saving themselves, they have to cut ties with Trump right now.