Tuesday, August 16, 2016

For my forty-eighteenth birthday this is me and my snake brothers, Mark and Bill back in our UCSB Decathlon days.

The way I see this is one runner, Shaunae Miller, won a well-deserved gold medal and showed her toughness, guts and desire to win. One runner won a silver medal and showed her guts, style, class and dignity.  There can be two winners in a race. #AllysonFelix

Here is my daughter, AC (the one on the left) with the classy and great Allyson Felix and her Torrey Pines 4 X 100 teammates. 

Hollywood has had a record 15 flops this summer. The worst flop? “Hope Solo and Ryan Lochte and the  Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Rio Day.” 

Some people are complaining about the dive at the finish by Bahamas’ Shaunae Miller that cost US’s Allyson Felix the gold in the 400. It’s legal, but I have not seen a dive like that since Chris Christie on the buffet table on Taco Tuesday.

At Rio it rained hard last night. It was great to see water in Rio that wasn’t green or two far worse colors.