Thursday, May 05, 2016

Can anyone doubt the power and the glory that is Hollywood's Gay Magic? Khloe Kardashian before and after in Cuba. Yes, diet, exercise, blah, blah, but come on . . . 

Happy Cinco De Mayo. Or as Ted Cruz calls it: Sinko De My-o Campaign-o. 

Boxing legend, Oscar De La Hoya, claims Donald Trump is a golf cheat. Not only does Trump cheat at golf, but, out of habit, he replaces his divots on top of his head. 

Brazil’s building an adult, sex theme-park called ErotikaLand. It’s the first amusement park where all the screaming is done at the very end of the ride. 

Hillary Clinton released a brutal anti-Trump ad featuring top republican’s harsh comments on Trump. You think that’s bad? Wait until Hillary releases the ad with Trump’s ex-wives. It’s titled, “Not Huuuuuge.” 

Since you asked:

As much as I love trying to write jokes about Brazil’s upcoming sex theme park, ErotikaLand, Seth Meyers killed with with, “The name Busch Gardens was already taken.” Seth Meyers has the best monologue in late night by 25%. 

Got some backlash for being sexist for going after Kelly Ripa. So Kelly can flirt, act ditzy, hair-flip, wear skirts that almost show her uterus, but when she does something wildly unprofessional, like being a no-show for two days because she had a meltdown over a network decision, that criticism is considered sexist. Because we all remember when Edward R. Murrow didn’t show up for work because CBS changed his program. 

Have not felt the freedom to brutally unleash on a celebrity like I do on Trump since O.J. Simpson. And Trump hasn’t murdered anyone. Yet. 

Not seen it yet, but I hear “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee,” is crushing it. Will check it out tonight. 

My astute comedy writing friend, Janice Hough, jokingly suggested Donald Trump should pick Sarah Palin for a running mate. Joke or not, I had to lie down with a serious case of the comedy vapors.