Saturday, March 12, 2016

Donald Trump is getting criticism for not doing enough to stop the fighting at his Chicago rally. In fairness Trump did raise his hands to make them stop, but his hands were so small nobody could see them. 

The t-shirts promoting the Justin Beiber “Purpose Tour” misspelled the word purpose. Look for Justin’s new hit song: “Who needs high skool?” 

Other than that they got his name right, Jason Beeper. 

Apparently t-shirts do not have autocorrect. 

Dr. Ben Carson endorsed Donald Trump, which is surprising. In a related story the genius term Brain Surgeon just dropped way behind Rocket Scientist. 

Celebrity chef, Padma Lakshmi, wrote in her memoir she was dating so much when she got pregnant, she had to have a paternity test to determine the father. Padma's memoir is titled; “You May Be a Slut if . . . “

They said Chris Rock sold $65,000 of Girls Scout cookies at the Oscars, but the Girl Scouts only got $1,000. The rest went to pay off Kanye West’s debt.

Chris Hemsworth’s Malibu house is for sale for $6.5 mil. All the Hemsworth brothers are successful heartthrobs, Chris, Liam Luke and Tito. Well, maybe not so much Tito Hemsworth.