Monday, September 07, 2015

So, J.C., what time was it when you fumbled giving Ohio State their 28-17 lead?

Jon Hamm has split from his girlfriend of 18 years. For women excited by this information, there is a topic trending on Twitter #YouHaveZeroShot.

Watching the US Open tennis and, I don’t want to say the crowd is too Caucasian, but instead of doing the wave, they do white caps.

Watching the US Open tennis and, I don’t want to say the crowd is too Caucasian, but on Labor Day they set a new world record for botched high fives.

Not to say their crowds are not diverse, but if the US Open had a Juke Box, John Legend would be listed under Rap.

During the Ohio State-Virginia Tech game, a Virginia Tech player, J. C. Coleman, was wearing a gold watch. Coleman wanted to know exactly what time it was when he became the biggest idiot in the history of college football.

Since you asked:

Maybe there is a solid explanation why Virginia Tech's J.C. Coleman is wearing – what appears to be –a huge gold Rolex watch during a football game.

Here are the problems of wearing a huge gold watch in college football game:

It draws attention to one player for all the wrong reasons.

It raises questions of illegal sponsors.

If it is real, it is heavy, sharp and dangerous.

When it comes to class, all you have to do is ask “What Would Justin (Bieber) Do?” And then do the opposite. If he wasn’t a scrawny, tiny douche, Justin is the exact kinda guy who would wear a gold Rolex in a football game.

Here is the problem with drawing attention to yourself with a cheap stunt: You can get the attention when you least want it. We don’t know if J.C.’s Rolex is real, but we do know the fumble J.C. gave up that led to Ohio State’s 28-17 lead was real.

So I am thinking J. C.'s new motto needs work:

"The loss to Ohio State don't mean a thing, because they did not have any bling."

The bigger question that needs to be addressed is: what the hell is a Hokie?