Saturday, September 19, 2015

A study of NFL player’s autopsies showed 87 of 91 had the brain disease C.T.E. The NFL responded they support brain disease research. That’s like being accused of burning down someone’s house and saying you support Smokey Bear.

Donald Trump is still in trouble for not correcting a questioner at a speech who said President Obama was Muslim. In fact, all Trump said was; “Sit down, son, I’ll talk to you later.”

Is it just me or does Ted Cruz look like the guy wearing the clip-on tie at the car mechanic who says; “We don’t have to rebuild your engine, but if it was my family’s safety at risk, I would.”

Former Hollywood Madam, Heidi Fliess, announced she is auctioning her customer book on E-Bay. To which Bill Clinton shouted; “Sold!”

Jose Conseco posted on Twitter that his little dog, Lily, is missing. Jose tried to recall when he last saw Lily, but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

More fallout from the debate. When they asked the candidates what they wanted their Secret Service codename to be, Carly Fiorina said “Secretariat.” The mics caught Donald Trump saying; “Hey Carly, they said codename, not dream date.”