Monday, February 02, 2015

Some people are saying Seattle Seahawk’s Pete Carroll’s decision to throw on the one yard line is the worst decision in NFL history. The only way that decision could have been worse is if he had Ryan Leaf come in to throw it.

People are still shocked by Seattle’s decision to throw the ball on the one-yard line. Some think that was the worst decision in the NFL since the Cincinnati Bengal’s helmets.

Can you believe that horrible decision in the Super Bowl? How could T-Mobile go with Kim Kardashian instead of a puppy? Budweiser is going to win that one every time.

The fourth sequel to “Jurassic Park” is coming out in June called “Jurassic World.” Which is short for “Jurassic why in the world haven’t they figured out a dinosaur park doesn’t work?”

The most amazing part of Katy Perry’s halftime show? A lion made it to the Super Bowl.

Why did Katy Perry ride a Lion at the Super Bowl? Because a Jaguar would have never made it to the Super Bowl.

People should give Pete Carroll a break. 

And no, I am not being a contrarian. (Yes you are) No I'm not. (Yes you are) No I'm not. 

(Not a huge Carroll fan since his oily USC days)

Yes, he should have run Lynch on second down. 

But if he did, and Lynch did not score - Lynch has only scored once in five tries this season from the one - Carroll has to use their last time out. Now the Patriots know the Seahawks have to pass on third to stop the clock to have a chance at a fourth down. 

First of all, it wasn’t a bad throw, but Carroll did not throw the interception. Another factor in not running Lynch was 135 pounds. That's the difference in weight between the Patriot's Vince Wilfork (yes he wil fork) and Lynch. 

Second down was the only time Carroll could pass without the Patriots expecting it. Nobody expected it. It wasn’t a bad throw. Just a great play by Butler.

But, yeah, Carroll's big ego over-thought it and he should have run Lynch.