Monday, January 19, 2015

Golfer, Robert Allenby, was kidnapped in a Hawaiian bar, beaten and robbed. It is the worst beating any golfer has had since Tiger Woods admitted to his wife he cheated.

Green Bay QB, Aaron Rodgers, called an audible with “New York Bozo” which is clearly code for Donald Trump. A Donald Trump is when the receivers sweep over from the side to try and cover the top.

Remember the dog in Seattle that is so smart it rides the bus by itself? The dog isn’t that smart. It left the Seahawks game thirty minutes early.

The latest controversy surrounding the New England Patriots is they deflated the balls before the game. This is the biggest deflated balls scandal in sports since Barry Bonds took steroids.

How about that Seahawks game?

You thought Terry Bradshaw had bad shingles? The Packers' entire roof collapsed. 

After the game, I rewound it to the last ten minutes and watched it again and I still did not think the Seahawks had a chance. By the way, announcer Troy Aikman was a great player, but he would have to buy a personality to need more personality. 

And I am a fan of the Joe Buck, but when the Packers intercepted and had the ball with 5:04 to go, leading 19-7, and Buck said; “This game is far from over,” I got mad. How can he shill so shamelessly for Fox? Clearly the game was over.

Good call, Joe.

This game was proof of the power of one or two players on a team, both for good and for bad. Ha Ha Clinton Dix had a career game with three interceptions. But how he did not bat that two- point conversion away was mind-boggling.

This was the most amazing thing: How did the Packer offense not go after Richard Sherman? The man is great and all, but he had one arm. One stinking arm. Throw it high to Jordy Nelson. They did not go after the injured Sherman one single time. What the hell?

(I've had that injury, the ulnar collateral ligament injury falling on the ice snowboarding. You cannot believe how much it hurts. To this day my elbow clicks and my left pinky is pretty numb)

Morgan Burnett intercepted the ball with five minutes to go and slid when he could have scored a touchdown. You don’t down a ball until there is less than two minutes to go.

The plain truth is the Packers failed in the red zone early and left a ton of points off the board. 

For me, though, the real turning point was about ten minutes to go when Marshawn Lynch pushed the entire pile, including Clay Matthews III - who had an amazing game - pushed them six yards to get the first down. The crowd came alive. Lynch basically willed that team to jump on his back and win.

The NFL should be writing a check to Lynch for $100,000 after what he did in this game, not fining him $100,000 for not talking to the press. 99% of the press are pompous ass hats. You go, beast. 

Yes, Brandon Bostick blew the on-sides kick catch, but it should never have gotten down to that. Prior to that, the Packers’ defense was just standing around in shock.

And that Aaron Rodgers comeback to get a field goal and tie it was also amazing. The most deserving MVP in a long time. After the game, I felt true sorrow and sympathy for Aaron Rodgers. Then I remembered he is dating Olivia Munn. Then I felt real resentment.

But in the end, Russell Wilson following Marshawn Lynch’s lead and giving a chance for Jermaine Kearse not to be cursed is what won it for the Seahawks. Teams do not win games when they have five turnovers. They just don’t. Seattle did. Amazing.

After the game, all the Seahawks got all choked up and misty thanking the 12th man. Sure, they were loud. When the Seahawks were down 19-7, I heard a lot of booing. A lot of booing. And thousands left early. Very un-Packer-like fan behavior number 12. 

There is no sport like football for giving you that amazing sense that you’re witnessing history.

This was one of those times.

Great games deserve great names, like "The Catch" and "The Guarantee." "The Ice Bowl" "The Music City Miracle."

This one should be simply "The Beast."