Monday, September 15, 2014

As a Chicago Bear fan, it pains me to admit I gave up on the dah Bearssssss down 17-0 at half. So I deserved the self-loathing and shame I felt when I woke up to discover the Bears won, 28-20.
However, in watching the Bears second half, they did win, thanks to Cutler and Marshall, but the Niners and the refs are the ones who beat San Francisco. The Forty Niners had over 100 yards in penalties. The head linesman qualified for his SAG card he was on the screen so much.

Remember the Dolphins bullying scandal? The victim, Jonathon Martin, came in for an injured Forty Niner at right tackle, Anthony Davis, and, well, Martin should not be playing pro football for a living. Turnstiles do a better job of keeping people out. He almost got Kaepernick killed.
Colin Kaepernick flagged for being a potty mouth? Is that what Jesus would do? Take some time and read those scriptures you have tattooed on your arm, Co-Kap.
Do you want your Fantasy team to crush it next weekend? Start six refs. These new put-a-skirt-on-the-receivers rules are killing the running game. Why run the ball when you can throw it and then get a penalty? The top six rushers this week only had three touchdowns between them. 
Kickers in the NFL are so good, and the athletes on special teams are so great, there is no reason they cannot make an on-sides kick a 10.5 yard automatic recovery. Nothing the defense can do. The Chargers showed the league how to beat the Seahawks offense. Keep them off the field. No offense can score if it doesn’t have the ball, and successful on-sides kicks give your team the ball.
Every practice, take your kicker and your best and tallest tight end, and kick 30 on-sides kicks until it becomes automatic. Have the kicker practice kicking balls from the free throw line into the hoop.
Teams that looked bad last week, New England, Chargers, Cowboys and Bears, looked great this week, and vice versa, Forty Niners, Seahawks. With the exception of the Raiders, Lions, Titans, Jaguars and Chiefs, who all look bad, until teams figure out how to get the skirt off the receivers, almost anyone can beat anyone.

Parity is high and great teams are few.