Thursday, July 03, 2014

The CIA launched a funny first message on Twitter: “We can neither confirm nor deny this is our first post on Twitter.” 

Here are a few more CIA tweets:

The main suspect in the Benghazi attack is Ahmed Abul Khattala. We first suspected him when his name was Ahmed Abul Khattala.

The Benghazi suspect, Ahmed Abul Khattala, is so ugly, his beard makes him look like Donald Sterling with a mongoose on his face. #AmIRightOrWhat?

To give you an idea how messed up Iraq is, right now Florida is making jokes about them. #ISISBeTrippinYo

Did you see the end of season # 3 of “Homeland?” Spoiler Alert. Carrie emerges from a shower and it was all a dream. LOLJK, they straight up hung that dude.

We like “Homeland” but it is so unrealistic. I mean, come on, when we decipher encrypted code we use Zorch AA345, not Trium 2389. Please.