Monday, July 28, 2014

Let's do some living, after we'll die, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Apparently it is not possible for the human brain - at least my brain, anyway - to remember how beautiful Santa Barbara is when you return. Wonderful weekend with and at the wonderful Wopats with my cherished Sam Adams/UCSB track friends. 

Scientist say California is having its worst drought in 500 years; it is so dry, the San Diego Padres are choking off the field too.

Hostess is bringing back the chocolate-covered Twinkie and Lays now has chocolate-covered potato chips.  To which stoners responded by inventing the chocolate-covered bong.

In San Diego, the Comic Con concluded peacefully. Thank goodness there was no nerd- on- nerd crime like the year the one Trekkie threw a Hot Pocket at a Star Warrior.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford broke his little toe while working out. Amazing. The last time Ford worked out was 20 years ago which is also the last time he saw his little toe.

Since you asked:

Had so much fun in Santa Barbara with my good friends, I actually had a blast playing golf. But by the 16th hole on a hot day, I was all-in. When my buddy Mark O’ asked;
“Hey, Lex, what did you have on the last hole?” I replied: