Friday, July 18, 2014

Does your company have a comedy-writer consultant? No? Well it should. 

Varying entities like Virgin Airways, Vitamin Water, Weber Grills, the CIA and Al Gore have hired comedy writers. Yes, Al Freaking Gore. Do you really want your company to seem to have less of a sense of humor than the CIA or Al Gore?
The world’s sense of humor has not caught up with its technology. The CIA has a comedy writer posting their tweets. With more and more influence given to social media, your company’s image has never been more visible in more different ways.

Here is the CIA's first tweet:

"We can neither confirm nor deny this is our first tweet."

Now, I can neither confirm nor deny I am the comedy writer producing that tweet. Just like I can neither confirm nor deny I was the special forces operative who shot Osama bin Laden. 
But I can say is you,  like the CIA, need a comedy consultant to write tweets, post on Facebook and write funny and current e-mails. 

Why have boring boiler-plate, legal drivel on your products when you could give your customers a smile? You can give the same necessary instructions, only funnier. 

If you’re serious about boosting your firm’s image with humor: