Monday, July 29, 2013

T-Swizzle - as my daughter calls her - on a SUP

Capt. Pappy lookin’ snappy and he’s happy about his dippy dappy, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

During his sexting escapades, Anthony Weiner called himself Carlos Danger. Only this clown could come up with a name even sillier than Weiner.
An Australian wetsuit company claims they have designed a wetsuit that can prevent sharks from attacking. You know what I wear that guarantees a shark won’t attack? My couch. If I’m on my couch there is a 100% chance a shark won’t attack me.
Now a woman has disclosed that, during phone sex, Anthony Weiner would orgasm in 30 seconds; In one week Weiner has gone from Carlos Danger to R. Hugh Kiddingme?
Pope Francis announced gay people should not be judged; that’s nice, but how are they going to determine a winner in a Cher look-alike contest?
A thief pulled off a $50 mil Monte Carlo jewelry heist. It is a shame that this guy shares the name criminal with the guy in Florida who was arrested with a bag of meth up his butt and denied it was his.
Anthony Weiner said he is going to stay in the New York mayoral race; “That is the greatest news I’ve ever heard,” said Weiner’s opponents and all comedians.
It is possible New York Yankee drug-cheater, Alex Rodriguez, could be suspended from baseball for life. He would never hit again. It would be like the post season except all the time.