Monday, December 24, 2012

Blame Laird if you have a nice Holiday

A biographer estimates Mick Jagger has slept with 4,000 women. Or as Warren Beatty calls that: celibate. 

Congrats to Rolling Stone, Ronnie Wood, 65, for marrying his fiance, 34-year-old Sarah Humphries. Rumor has it she is pregnant with their first child: Viagra. 

Since you asked: 
Finally, my last ever Fantasy Football season is over. Goodbye to Thor's Thunder. Used to be fun, but unannounced injuries - thanks Chargers and Nate Keading - parity, bush-league substitute refs blowing the first few weeks, pass-happy offenses spreading the wealth six ways, free agency and no need for a running game has turned the NFL into a total crap shoot. 

1-8 team crushing a 8-1 team. "Sure thing Super Bowl team", Forty Niners, getting blown out. How many games in a row have the Giants lost? And they are still in the playoff hunt. Impossible to watch games because of the endless commercials. This year put the ironic Good in Roger Goodell.

That and a league commissioner who is harder to communicate with than Arnold Schwarzenegger on a drunken Schnapps binge. Getting a straight answer out of him is like getting an honest politician in Congress. 

Goodbye and good riddance First Friday Fantasy Football.