Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The NFL replacements refs are so bad, the Cleveland Browns are laughing at them.

Monica Lewinski has signed a $14 mil. deal to write a tell-all book on her affair with President Bill Clinton. Something tells me the tone of the narrative will be very tongue-in-cheek.

A New York cab driver recorded Paris Hilton saying gay men disgusted her; in response, gay men said that comment was disappointing especially coming from one of the most famous transvestites in the world.

Since you asked:
Complaining about the weather in San Diego is a bit like complaining about the altitude in Aspen. Having said that, it has been over 80 and humid for two months straight. This is great for my SUP surfing, but not great for snoozing. 

Last night was the first night I got to sleep with a blanket instead of just a sheet since my birthday on August 15th, and that was because I splurged on the A.C. and kept it down to 74 for the night.

By the way, I officially declare the Summer of 2012 the Summer of SUP surfing with leopard sharks, quaffing Newman's Own ice-cold lemonade and grilling fresh seafood. Throw in a great family trip to Santa Barbara and it was a great summer. Besides losing our big boy, Mister Wrigley T. 

These replacement refs bring to mind a skinny little 14-year-old boy trying to wrestle an out-of-control Harley Davidson Road King. You can hardly stand to watch and you know there is going to be an ugly crash.