Thursday, July 26, 2012

P.J. Stompy a mofizzy, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

A strip club in Tampa is luring customers with a Sarah Palin lookalike. She is exactly like Sarah Palin, except the stripper is actually knowledgeable about US policy.

A church official, Monsignor William Lynn, has been sentenced to prison for covering up priest’s sex crimes. He has been sentenced to 3-to-6 years in federal prison and four to five years of coaching at Penn State.

While in London for the Olympics, beautiful virgin hurdler, Lolo Jones, said she wants to have tea with Prince Harry. That could work because I believe Prince Harry’s official title is Vice Lord of Deflower.

The cast of “Modern Family” is suing to be released from their contracts. They all want to make as much money as the highest paid actress in Hollywood, Sofia Vergara. That’s tough, because who can stay abreast of Sofia Vergara?

The Olympic Opening Ceremony is rumored to be very British. What is very British? Mick Jagger eating a kidney pie and breaking a tooth?

Since you asked:
Gotta say, never got the Lady Di thang. She struck me as a two-faced, snotty twit. But man, Duchess Kate and Prince William rock. They are so cool and great. Starting to catch that whole Royal fever deal.