Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fred Willard nominated for an Emmy for Best Actor Who Needs to Get a DVD Player.

You know the Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises"? Fred Willard was watching "The Bishop Rises in the Dark."

Really, Fred? An adult movie theater? I get stage fright if I don't close all the windows on my computer. 

Far be it from me to go into too much detail, shall we say Fred Willard was arrested for Pee-wee'ing his Herman?  

They were going to put the US Olympic team in clothes made here in the USA, but decided it wasn't appropriate to put our Olympians in skinny jeans and "I Pooped Today" t-shirts. 

Since you asked:
Hey, 18-to-28'ers. After our little chat/pep-talk, you're not out to a very good start.