Monday, July 16, 2012

Here you go.

It has been hot. I'm sweating like a Penn State football coach waiting to hear from the NCAA. 

Huge increase in the amount of stingray attacks in Southern California. A stingray is a slimy bottom feeder who attacks without warning. They are the politicians of the sea. 

 Since you asked:
What kind of message would the NCAA be putting out if it doesn't give Penn State the death sentence at least? The kind of message that sports entities with priorities so out-of-whack like Penn State - and Nike, who's co-founder publicly defended Paterno's actions -  condone horrible atrocities due to their blind insane allegiance. 

By their inexcusable behavior, Penn State does not deserve to even have a football team.   

Here is my problem on swimming and a lot of other Olympic events. They are way too chummy. Almost as chummy as NASCAR which trades off between a few guys.

In Track they give a gold medal to the one guy who can go from 0 meters to 100 meters the fastest. Period. They don't give a medal to the guy who can run it sideways or backwards. There is a huge difference between running the 100 and the 400. There is almost no difference between swimming 100 and 400. 

Don't get me started with diving.

Michael Phelps is a great athlete. But the guy can take off three years of partying and come back as the favorite? And swimming is not like running. Swimming takes a lot longer. So the guy who is going to win the 100 is probably going to win everything up to 1,000 meters. 

How many real competitors are there in rowing? And why so many categories? There should be one sprint and one distance race. Solo boats and full crews. Knock out everything else. 

Tennis players are great athletes. But right now there are only three guys capable of winning a big tournament. This also true in gymnastics and other sports.  

Look at golf. No matter how great a player is, he starts at zero with 200 other great golfers.