Friday, March 30, 2012

Did you notice what I did? That's right, horrific paddle technique. Blade the wrong way, upper hand not on handle, dainty lower hand grip. Awful.

This just in: 26-year-old Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader charged with having sex with high school male. She faces up to five years in jail, he faces up to a lifetime of free drinks.

A clip of actress Alicia Silverstone chewing food and spitting it into the mouth of her 11 month son, Bear Blu, is circulating. That is so revolting. Who names their kid Bear Blu?

Well, we're finally down to the final four. And besides Newt Gingrich supporters, the NCAA semi-finals are Saturday.

Holy cow pie did I cowboy it up last nicht.

Had not had a steak for a long time, so. with Virg and AC at a thing, I got a juicy T-bone and marinated it in olive oil.

Rubbed it liberally with sea salt, ground pepper, garlic powder and finely ground French roast coffee.

Mesquite lump charcoal in the chimney in the Weber. Fanned the flames with my pizza flipper until they were glowing hot. Steak over the hot coals. Three minutes a side sear and remove to rest for ten minutes. More olive oil and salt.

Cut rustic French bread, brush with olive oil, sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese, toast on the grill. Heat up ranch beans.

Steaks back on the grill until a gorgeous medium rare. Another six minutes - three a side - away from the coals.

Yippeee kiiiiiiii yaaaaaay mother effer.

Check it out, Home Skillet

Texting my buddy Ray who is playing the ponies at Santa Anita, CA, Facebook messaging my buddy Brian in Chicago while playing Words with Friends with my buddy Bill vacationing in Montana and talking to my buddy, Chris on the phone from New York. And you, my magnificent Slattoloids and Nuggliesiaseses, are on this here blog.

What a fascinating age we live in.

You want to talk multi-tasking? Last nicht, while I had lit the charcoal chimney for my T-Bone and played a blues playlist on my outdoor speakers, I was watching a recorded Conan while playing Words and messaging my buddy on Facebook, updated my blog and posted on Twitter, wrote a joke, texted my buddy and was petting Wrigley with my foot.

While drinking a San Diego Sunset (Mount Gay, ice, coconut water, lime)