Monday, March 12, 2012

These Aussies have got them some stones down under

Tiger Woods had to drop out of the Cadillac Championship due to a sore Achilles heel; and here I thought Tiger’s Achilles heel was Hooter’s waitresses.

Happy Birthday to the Oreo cookie, it is 100 today; the Twinkie is 82. The problem is there are Twinkies that are actually 82.

Since you asked:

Read about Lenny Dysktra in “SI”. Not to brag, but I called this. When they were running “60 Minutes” segments on what a brilliant investor and businessman Dykstra was, I smelled a big steroid and coke-addled idiot rat.

Always hated Dykstra and not just because he was a Met. He personified to me what was wrong with baseball – and our society – in the Eighties. Baseball will never recover from those ‘roided-out and coked up a-holes like Dykstra, Darren Daulton, Darryl Strawberry and Jose Conseco.

And yet Strawberry had real talent.

All of us who partook of the Eighties got some of that putrid self-indulgent goo splattered on our yellow power ties and our Madonna hair scrunchies. The perfect storm of artificially pumped up, no-talent 80’s egomania was when Conseco had a fling with Madonna.

Lenny Dyskstra was an ugly little troll with nasty brown chew-juice leaking out of his smug, fat face. Now it turns out he was even sleazier than he looked.

When did a law pass that requires Kristen Chenowith to be on and in everything? She is a talented and cute little thing, but my god she is as overexposed right now as Shania Twain in 1996.

Amazing Saturday.

8:30 AM, put Virg in van to Mammoth for girls trip.

9:15, surf Torrey Pines. Put the tore in Torrey with four lefts and five rights.

11:30, Myers and pineapple while waiting on fish tacos to go from Fish Market in Del Mar.

Eat tacos drink Stone ale while watching the goofers on TV. Nap and golf-watching.

Words with Friends, glass of wine.

AC gets picked up at 4:30 for a slumber party. Though I try, I cannot get them to agree to take Wrigley.

Grill perfect medium rare filet mignon for an awesome steak sandwich on French roll. Watch UCSB hang tough, but lose to Long Beach State. No losers. Long Beach won the game, UCSB did not have to go back and live in Long Beach.

Watched “Young Adult” on Demand.