Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bang The Drum Slowly Song

Saw this wildly, wildly - one more time just to be annoying - wildly underrated sports movie last night, "Bang the Drum Slowly." 

If you didn't think DeNiro is a genius, compare this guy to "Raging Bull." As opposite as human beings can be. And Moriarty's performance is . . . perfect. 

"Bang the Drum Slowly" is sort of the Un "The Natural" although both are great in  opposite ways. Cried as much as "Brian's Song." The scene with Bruce's (DeNiro) dad and Moriarty outside the clubhouse is nothing less than a wonderful punch to the gut. 

Saw an interview with the always awesome, William Goldman, and he talked about how he gets so sobbingly emotional when he sees examples of stupid courage on film. Butch and Sundance's not talking about the militia they know will gun them down before they run out.

In "BTDS" DeNiro and Moriarty have stupid courage. 

Bet a lot of you Nugs and Slats did not know this: 

I am the reigning Bishop level champion in the Southwestern a-minor championship league of the game of Tegwar. Won with a Southhampton Jersey Philly Long bow. It beat a Kansas Neck Tie banana roll slam by 15 and 32 below the fly on the apron. 

It won two spersnikities to five flambosities.