Thursday, January 24, 2013

 It is what it is what it is what it is, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

A county in Ireland has passed a law that allows rural drivers to drive drunk. Irish farmers allowed to drink and drive. Gosh, what could go wrong here?

This makes the whisky and hand gun promotion at the Oakland Raiders game seem like a good idea. 

Former #1 pick NFL bust, JaMarcus Russell is attempting a comeback. How bad of a bust was JaMarcus? The only good thing you can say about him is he wasn’t Ryan Leaf.

Did you see Hillary Clinton testify on the Libya attack? Those Senators went at Hillary harder than they do an open bar at a brothel.

A study reveals one in three people who use Facebook feel sad, lonely and envious after browsing their friend’s updates. One suggestion to make Facebook users feel better about their lives? Get Lindsay Lohan to approve your friend request.

In NBA news, the New Orleans Hornets are going to change their name to the New Orleans Pelicans. No word yet on when they are going to put the F in front of the word Lakers.