Monday, November 27, 2006

Whickity whack, jump one step back, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Since you asked:

How did this happen? When you are young and hip it is good and just that you use young and hip expressions. Then, suddenly, before you have any idea what happened, you sound corny and awkward when you use the latest slang. This fact will be eagerly pointed out to you by somebody, anybody, who is younger than you. And it is usually sparked with one word.

For me that word was hateful. When I was about 32 (now I am forty"coughhack") somebody used that word to describe a bad state of affairs, as in: how was your date? Hateful. That struck me as cool and funny. And then I used it on somebody younger than me and they gave that look. You know, that look? That look you get when someone is singing Karaoke off key? That look.

OK, fine, no big deal. You refrain from using the hip expression, or, as is the case with those have acquiesced to getting older, you qualify with “as the kids say.”

But now there is another stage. Once you get past a certain age, it starts to sound funny and cute when you try and say a hip term. For an extreme example, remember the rapping granny on “Wedding Singer”? That point is approaching way too fast I fear.

Anywhoizzy, righteous shout out on Cyber Monday to all my fahzizzels, I got my ride rock star parked and I gots to bounce before my road dog get all guitar-faced on my narrow behind. Peace out. What?