Friday, October 04, 2019

In the Rams' 30-29 loss to Seattle, Rams linebacker, Clay Matthews III, was called for a horribly unfair roughing the passer penalty, his third one in two years.

Maybe because of his gorgeous flowing blonde locks the refs think Clay should be more tender with the quarterback?

Latino stars Shakira and Jennifer Lopez will perform at halftime of the Super Bowl.

Right now they are in the process of finding a blue shark that speaks Spanish.

The Seattle Seahawks beat the Los Angeles Rams 30-29.

Interesting side note, Rams receiver, Cooper Kupp, who made some great receptions, wears a light, malleable, pink-orange metal alloy groin-guard.

That's right, Cooper Kupp, who copped some key catches, wears a copper cup.

Those Seahawks uniforms are handy. Play football one day and do community service roadside cleanup the next.

After Kansas City's win over Detroit, the Chiefs' coach, Andy Reid, said,

"Not all of Mozart's paintings were perfect."

Where does that dumb jock stereotype come from?

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner broke up. 

Apparently Travis was furious Kylie called Ukraine to ask them to investigate Tyga.

Since you asked:

“So why so hard on the Kardashiajenners?” You ask. “Some of them seem sweet, like Khloe,” you say. 

Well, let us, for now, set aside the fact that our epidemic of entitlement and selfishness and greed can arguably be blamed on “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” And that their parents, Caitlyn and Kris, could arguably be described as the two most awful people on the planet not named Trump.

Here is what really set me off against the Jennerdashians:

My daughter, Ann Caroline - at about the age of 12 - went through a “KUWTK” phase. So it was on the TV when I decided to sit down and watch some it with her to see what the fuss was about. 

On this episode they, Kim and her kids, Courtney and her kids, Khloe, Kris and Scott Disick were on a large, private jet on their way to a vacation in Fiji. They were in plush luxury sipping the finest champagne and eating caviar and crackers. On their way to Fiji. How does it get better than that? Answer, it doesn’t.

And every single one of them could not be more miserable.

Kris had chosen this quality family time to read Caitlyn Jenner’s newly published biography and was alternating between sobbing about the lies he, sorry, she wrote about her and bursting out in an obscenity-laced tirade about the lies she wrote about her. (Caitlyn was not on the flight) 

Kim, in her voice that can shatter frail glass, was whining - and I do mean whining - about the poor behavior of Kourtney’s six spoiled brats. (And in fairness to Kim, they were screaming and acting like, well, young Kardashians) 

Courtney was furious at Kim for not approving of her parenting skills and not helping her out with the brats, er, I mean kids. And Courtney was also furious at her ex, Scott Disick, for staying in a hotel not the one Courtney was staying in. She wanted Scott to be available to take the kids while she traipsed off to the nude beach with her latest boyfriend.

Khloe, whom I admit does seem the nicest, was in the deep throes of self-pity as her latest in a long line of NBA boyfriends had broken up with her in a public and ugly way. She was sobbing over why he had to do the breakup via “TMZ.”

Essentially everyone of them was either furious at someone or sobbing about someone. And this while on a private jet to Fiji.

As I looked at my sweet, considerate, kind, non-Kardashiajenner-like daughter, A.C., I remember genuinely worrying that these awful malcontent, rich, spoiled, talentless whiners would steal part of my daughter’s lovely soul.

And it pissed me off. In fact, I almost sobbed.