Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Former NFL star, Ray Lewis, was forced to drop out of "Dancing with the Stars" when he aggravated an old foot injury.

On the bright side, Lewis did not stab anyone to death.

Nike track coach, Alberto Salazar, received a four-year suspension for doping violations. 

They suspect Salazar was doping when several of his runners developed gills.

Oakland Raiders' Vontaze Burflict was suspended for the entire season for a vicious helmet-to-helmet tackle.

"Whats's a tackle?" Asked the Miami Dolphins.

NBC aired new episodes of "Chicago PD," "Chicago Med" and "Chicago Fire."

And the Cubs aired a new episode of "Chicago WTF?"

The Troub

If it is true what they say that Hollywood is high school with money, then the late Sixties, early Seventies L.A. music scene, the Troubadour was the smoking area.

The bar crowd was immensely talented and reportedly just as immensely snotty and cliquish. (Notable exception the wonderful and inclusive Linda Ronstadt) The cool kids were the most talented Ronstadt, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin,  Randy Newman, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Carol King and J.D. Souther.

But pure talent was given a wide birth and that included songwriters and session musicians like great guitarist Danny Kortchmar, drummer Russ Kunkle and bassist Lee Sklar. They were that area’s equivalent of the Wrecking Crew. 

Being talented and not famous was another badge of honor at the Troub worn by the likes of Lowell George, Jimmy Webb, Gene Clark and the members of Poco, the Flying Burrito Brothers and Crazy Horse. 

The most egregious of the snotty and judgmental rock stars hanging at the Troub? Hate to say it, but Ringo Starr. Reportedly Starr would get cocked-up and launch a “I’m a Beatle. Who the eff are you?” vibe cast out in a circle forty feet around him. 

Notice how I did not include Glenn Frey and Don Henley? 

They reportedly were not in the Troub in-crowd and not at all happy about it. They were nicknamed the Egos by the in-crowd. Henley wrote about it on “Witchy Woman” which he shot pointed barbs at the hot women at the bar who wanted to sleep with famous rock stars and not him. 

Henley’s final shot of revenge at the Troub, a club that did not want him for a member, was “The Sad Cafe.” 

“Some of the dreams came true, and some just fade away. And some of them stayed behind inside the Sad Cafe.”


When they held a late Seventies fundraiser concert for the Troubadour organized by Jackson Browne, Henley and Frey were noticeably absent.

At certain points in my life - thanks to their great music - nobody loved the Eagles more than I did. That is why I can say, without hesitation and with fairness, that I have since learned Glenn Frey, Don Henley, and especially Irving Azoff, were three of the biggest assholes who have ever lived.

Besides David Crosby. And obviously Donald Trump. 

       - Among the affectionate nicknames for Irving Azoff are "The Poison Midget" and "The Little Ball of Hate." Not to mention Randy Newman wrote "Short People" about him. And Tom Cruise imitated him in "Tropic Thunder."