Saturday, December 28, 2013

Seperated at birth? 

Chrissie Hynde and the "Star Wars" scary Emperor Palpatine guy

Here are the top: 

Pop/Schlock/Lounge Acts pretending to be rock bands

Some of these groups are great and may have several great songs. But they aren’t real rock bands, now are they?
Journey (Talented as all hell, just not rock and roll)
Kiss (Tops my list as most overrated)
Styx (Dennis DeYoung is a cornball lounge singer. Don’t make me say it. OK, “Mr. Roboto”)
Chicago (“25 Or 6 To 4” is a great song, but they also did “If You Leave Me Now” possibly the worst song that I have to admit I like)
Heart (Great music, but two sisters is a schtick and a schtick is an act and an act is not rock and roll)
Blondie (A cleaned-up punk act)
Talking Heads (A gay cleaned-up punk band) 
The Pretenders (Aptly named. A lesbian, gay, cleaned-up punk band. Again, some great songs even if Chrissie Hind-end is a world class beyatch)

Genesis (Peter Gabriel on his own? Great)

Sex Pistols (by angrily railing and thrashing against commercial success thus becoming a commercial success makes them - and most punk bands - the ultimate snotty hypocrites. Oh, and the music truly sucked)

Cheap Trick
Jefferson Starship (Google the lyrics to “Miracles” possibly the worst lyrics ever)
Billy Joel (A lounge singer albeit a great one)
Neil Diamond (“Hot August Nights” was one of my favorite albums as a young sprite, but, come on, he is more than a bit Vegas)
Elvis Presley (Again, great and a legend. Not rock) 
Tower of Power
Oingo Boingo
Queen (This one hurts because Freddie was awesome and Brian May is one of the underrated guitarists of all time. But an act – even a great one – is not a rock band)
The Go-Gos

Poison (Was there ever really enough cocaine to make them sound good?)
Twisted Sister
Foghat (Sorry, Ray)

Depeche Mode (You can’t spell douche without Depeche Mode. Well, you can, but you shouldn’t be able to)