Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Great teams deserve great (or so-so) nicknames. So let us review the nicknames for the awesome US women’s Olympic soccer team. Why? Because I said so. (Apologies to Chris “Don’t want to be your beast of” Berman)

Hope “In her” Solo

Heather “Catcher’s” Mitt

Christie “The Pony” Rampone

Kelley “Scarlett” O’Hara

Amy “2 French” LePeilbet

Rachel “The Buehldozer” or "Dozer" Buehler

Shannon “The Boxer” Boxx

Heather “Baba” OReilly

Carli “Simon” Lloyd

Lauren “Werewolf” Cheney

Megan “The Pasta” or “Firecracker” Rapinoe

Tobin Heath “Bar”

Amy “Whatchyou  wanna do?” Rodriguiz

Sydney “Thwatski” Leroux

Alex “Kiss me in the” Morgan “Stanley.”

And, finally, Abby “Normal” Wambach.  

And because she is so awesome, the popular announcer, Brandi "Paging Miss Wood, Miss Holly Wood" Chastain. And Julie "Loud-y" Foudy.