Friday, March 16, 2012

The gentle giant on “American Idol,” Germaine Jones, was kicked off for having five outstanding warrants. They should have suspected a problem from the songs he sang; “I Shot the Sheriff”, “Folsom Prison Blues” and “I Fought the Law.”

In Florida a sex scandal has rocked the entire Yoga industry. A sex scandal in a practice that involves hot, half-naked women in a hot room who can stick their feet behind their heads? Who could have imagined such a thing?

Almost as shocking as a sex scandal in the porn industry.

A new book on Tiger Woods by his former swing coach, Hank Haney, had some insights. For example, Woods was so cheap, Haney felt uncomfortable asking for a popsicle. But Tiger was a handyman. He even caulked tile. In fact, after a while, whenever Tiger saw a hole he would put his caulk in it.

(Assist Jimmy Fallon)