Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Here the CEO of BP announces their plan to order a giant plunger from Acme

British Petroleum is starting to make Wile E. Coyote look like a genius.

Since you asked;

In honor of the Stanley Cup game, I am making Lex's Blackhawk Hanguhburs. In a nod to Hackneys, the ground beef is sirloin and lots of Worcestershire sauce in the meat and the burgers will be topped with melted cheddar cheese, tomatoes, fried onions with bacon bits mixed in. Tossed salad of American blend lettuce with Ranch dressing and cheddar cheese BOB IS you uncle.

'Dey be so good I'll be whistled for being off sides . . . oh, snap, a hamburger/hockey reference, no I di' . . .'nt.

So you still think my 1968 Laurel Canyon drugs/sex scene connection to Charles Manson is crazy, conspiracy theory stuff?

How about the fact recently deceased Dennis Hopper - a charter member in that crowd, he patterned his character in “Easy Rider” after David Crosby - used to repeatedly visit Manson in prison. Hopper even pitched making a movie about Manson’s influence on that crowd and the music and movies. Sort of “Shampoo” but the dark side. A movie the rest of Hollywood did not want made for obvious reasons.

You can’t just visit somebody in a maximum security prison, especially the most famous prisoner in the world. The prisoner has to put you on a visitors list, and they only get a limited amount. It is limited to family and close friends. Hopper and Manson were obviously close friends.

Again, Susan Atkins, one of the convicted Manson family murderers, nickname was first Sadie Mae Glutz, because she had such a hick accent. Then it got shortened to Sexie Sadie because she was such a famous sexual freak.

The Beatles, frequent party goers in Laurel Canyon, titled a song “Sexie Sadie”. That song came out in 1968. After the Manson murders, the Beatles denied it was named for Susan Atkins.

So would I.