Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Golden Doodle Puppy Class 101. "When you really want your human to give you something, throw in the cocked, tilty head."

Chris Brown tells TMZ; “I want to teach people about domestic violence.” Like how to do it?

A family drove 13,000 miles from Argentina to meet the Pope in Philadelphia. It was a little disappointing when the Pope told them he could not validate their parking.

Hillary Clinton is now listed at 5.7, two inches taller than the 5.5 she was listed in 2008. So some good does come from stretching the truth.

Jeb Bush plans to announce an alternative to Obamacare he calls Bushcare. Oddly enough, not covered in Bushcare?  A Brazilian crotch wax.

The iPhone 6s commercial claims Siri is more helpful than ever. That’s like saying Donald Trump’s hair looks better than ever.

The iPhone 6s commercial claims Siri is more helpful than ever. So maybe next time when I ask Siri for a nice sneaker sale, it won’t connect me to an ISIS sleeper cell.

John Boehner resigned from Speaker because he could not get along with his fellow republicans, nor the democrats nor President Obama. Wow, a big orange face who can’t get along with anyone. Boehner is Trump with hair.

Happy National Coffee day. Or as the Starbucks employees call it: I hate my job.

Scientists discover water on Mars. Because, whatever you do, scientists do not discover water where it might be needed, like a place that rhymes with Shmalifornia.