Saturday, June 02, 2018

In Oklahoma, a horse named Bofa Deez Nutz won its first race. J.R.'s Math placed second with MIA Melania for the show.

In Oklahoma, a horse named Bofa Deez Nutz won its first race. Placing second was Bigly Covfefe followed by Ambien Rant.

In Oklahoma, a horse named Bofa Deez Nutz won its first race. Placing second was Dick Hurtz followed by Jack Mehoff.

In Oklahoma, a horse named Bofa Deez Nutz won its first race. Placing second was Feckless C-Word followed by Roseanne's Tweet .   

Since you asked:

You can tell a great deal about a person by who is their favorite Beatle.

Paul McCartney. 

This is the most popular because he is probably the most talented. And that is detracting from some of his inexcusable “Wings” digressions. “Silly Little Love Songs” will always rank as bad a song as “Yesterday” was great. John and Paul were just not nearly as good without each other. 

90% of woman say Paul was their favorite because he was the cutest.

John Lennon.

This is the choice of people who claim to be real Beatle experts. This is also the choice of many pseudo-intellectuals. While one of the greatest song writers ever, story after story reveals Lennon was not a good guy and more than a bit of a hypocrite. To his credit, he sang for peace and against materialism. And yet he had a history of domestic violence and lived in the most luxurious building in the world, the Dakota.  

Eric Clapton is honest to a fault about himself and others in his biography, “Clapton,” and he cited several examples of Lennon being an utter asshole to him, the most respected musician in England. Lennon still is the only person who was ever kicked out of the bar at the Troubadour in LA for being rude to the waitress. 

In what Lennon thought was a trick to strengthen his admittedly weak voice, the use of doubling up his vocals on recordings made it sound creepy and robot-like as if it came through cellophane. Think “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.”  

And Lennon's most unforgivable sin: he foisted that human nightmare, Yoko Ono on us.

George Harrison

George is my choice as well as the choice of many musicians. Not to keep dumping on Lennon, but Lennon was a below-average guitarist and vocalist and he and McCartney were, according to Clapton, quite condescending and judgmental of Harrison’s music writing abilities. That is how Harrison was able to make a double album “All Things Must Pass” out of the songs McCartney and Lennon rejected. Harrison asked Clapton to play on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” so that Paul and John would take it seriously and put it on “The White Album.”   


Ringo is the choice of all drummers and all contrarians. While nowhere near as flashy as a Keith Moon or as strong as Jon Bonham, Ringo is greatly admired for his unique style and personality he brought to the drums. It was when Ringo joined the band that George, Paul and John knew they would eventually hit it big.

Do not have a favorite Beatle because I do not like the Beatles.

Get away from this asshole as fast as you can. 

The only excuse for someone not liking the Beatles is if they’re are diehard hard rock fans and that is a poor excuse. The Beatles were the greatest, but they really were an amped up folk band. Not in the rock category like Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones and the Who. Paul and John were not American blues fans like George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Pete Townsend and Jimmy Page. John and Paul were die-hard Elvis fans.  

When I was a sophomore in high school, I got the honor to scrimmage in a football practice with two of the greatest athletes who went to my high school, Clay Matthews Jr. and Johnny Castino. 

Clay Matthews Jr. is probably the best defensive player who is not in - and should be in - the Hall of Fame. (His brother, Bruce, is) 

Johnny Castino was the AL Rookie of the Year at third base for the Minnesota Twins and was compared to Brooks Robinson. 

Our 1974 New Trier East varsity football team was ranked second in the state of Illinois at that time and the team that was ranked first in state was their next opponent and our hated rival, Evanston. Whichever team won would be the unanimous first team in the state for the season. (This was two years before Illinois started state playoffs, so they went with rankings) 

Most the high schools in our area split into two due to the baby boom. (My high school, New Trier, split into New Trier East and West. I went to East) In what some considered a shrewd move and others considered shady, Evanston split into four separate schools but maintained one athletic department. This made their athletic draw four times bigger than any other high school, including ours. And Evanston's athletes were far more diverse than the lily-white New Trier East. 

Evanston’s star player was Joe Stewart who was the state Champion at 100 (nee) yards and would later play briefly for the Oakland Raiders. Since I was fast, I was brought up to from the sophomore team to play the role of Joe Stewart for that week of practice for the defense. Even though I was two years younger than the seniors.

With Johnny Castino playing a scrappy tail back with great hands, the rumor was I was going to replace Clay Matthews at fullback. As great as Clay was at linebacker, he was not a great fullback and they wanted to save his considerable energy for defense.

Clay did not appear to like the idea of being replaced by a longhaired sophomore and proceeded to make me his bitch those two days of full contact. And our varsity head football coach - who, out of utter disrespect on my part, will go nameless -  had already taken a dislike  to me and allowed Clay to essentially, but mostly legally, abuse me. 

As it would turn out, the varsity defeated Evanston in a rainy and muddy game - neutralizing Joe Stewart and Evanston’s speed - and were then ranked first in state. So I was not needed to replace Clay Matthews at fullback and went on to score 22 touchdowns for my sophomore team. (Yes, I am working in a little bragging here too)   

Clay played 15 almost injury-free years in the NFL and made it to four Pro Bowls. Clay Matthews Jr. should be in the NFL Hall of Fame. 

While a great player, and, as I said, Co-Rookie of the Year for the American League, Johnny Castino played just five years in the Majors due to his aforementioned bad back.  

At 62, Johnny Castino has had numerous back surgeries and has had both knees replaced. 

At 62, Clay Matthews still runs the conditioning wind sprints with the high school football team he coaches. 

Genetics and luck are fickle mistresses in the world of sports injuries.