Friday, January 13, 2017

The Chargers announced their move to LA at the same time they unveiled their L.A. logo. That’s like breaking up with a girl by asking her if she wants to see a tattoo of your new girlfriend. 

The Chargers will play two seasons in Carson. Before you judge Carson too quickly, Charger fans, you should take a gang up and drive-by and shoot a look. 

"Buzzfeed" is under criticism for publishing the Trump Russian dossier. Even "Buzzfeed" published a list of ten reasons "Buzzfeed" is a douche-bag.

“Today” show’s Matt Lauer admitted he cried during Joe Biden’s Medal of Freedom presentation. Matt cried so hard he soaked his choker. 

The Rams and the Chargers are in LA. There was an awkward moment when the Cleveland Browns announced they were also moving to LA but then realized LA wasn’t accepting all the bad NFL teams.