Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Professor Wally P. wants to know why he did not win a MacArthur genuis award.

The winners of the MacArthur genius awards were announced and they were three artists, six authors and the Pope Baby and Pizza Rat.

“Martian” opens Friday, but I got a sneak peak. Not to give anything away, but I loved the scene when Matt Damon’s character, who is stuck on Mars, contacted Earth using the free Wi-Fi at the closest Starbucks.

Justin Bieber said he has four unreleased albums just waiting to go. He is just waiting for the go ahead to release them from his commander at ISIS.

After two knee surgeries in two years, Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose needs surgery on his face after the first day of practice. Derrick Rose’s body is the Taylor Swift’s heart of the NBA.

The good news? The face surgery went well. The bad news? After surgery, Derrick broke his tail bone using the bed pan.

Derrick Rose’s body has more breaks than a Chris Christie treadmill workout.

On the bright side, Rose’s sexual assault case could be thrown out because he clearly couldn’t have done it without getting injured.