Thursday, January 08, 2015

Swedish singer, Zara Larson, posted a picture on Instagram of a condom on her lower leg to prove the point that men who say their penises are too big to wear condoms are wrong. 

To which men posted this picture:

From Marc Ragovin:   
“Responding to his critics, Chris Christie said that he has always been a Cowboys fan and that he did not just jump on the bandwagon. “Thank god,” said the bandwagon.”

Junior Seau deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, but so does Clay Matthews Junior. And Matthews isn't on the freaking list. It looks like Clay Matthews III will be in the Hall one day and they would be a deserving father and son entries. 

Clay Matthews Jr. 16 years. 1561 tackles. Compares to Junior's 13 years 1522 tackles. 

But Junior is deservedly going in first ballot. Matthews Jr. isn't on the freaking list. Not fair. 

Andre Reed was a very good receiver. But very good receivers are not supposed to be in the Hall of Fame. Great receivers are. Reed had the good fortune to be matched with a true Hall of Fame great quarterback in Jim Kelly. Somebody had to catch those great passes and it turned out to be Reed. 

Hell, NFL legend, Minnesota Viking, Chuck Foreman, is not in the Hall of Fame. Rookie of the year. Five time Pro Bowl. Three times NFC champion. What the hell? 

And I am not saying this because I met Andre Reed and he was a total ass-hat. 

Question: If Junior Seau named one of his sons Junior - he did not - would he then be Junior Seau Jr?