Friday, August 21, 2009

Some things are beautiful just because they are

The NFL is investigating Oakland Raider coach Tom Cable's punching and fracturing the jaw of an assistant coach. The good news? It was the first decent hit by a Raider in two years.

Overheard in the huddle of Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Brett Favre:

"Red right, thirty two t-bone cross axel switch V hang cannon slot go on two . . no, on three, no make that on one, no, that is too obvious, let's snap it on three, or four, no, that's too many. You think that is too many? OK, three, everyone snaps on three, how about five? Five is more than four and four is too many. OK, snap the ball on three. No, two. . . "

You know what is being lauded as the latest fashion trend for women? Tunics, specifically Charmeuse tunics. This just in, it is impossible to say Charmeuse tunics without sounding really, really gay.

Hurricane Bill is causing big waves on the East coast. In Virginia Beach, one wave was so big it washed a straight guy into a movie theater playing "Beaches of Agnes."

The latest health craze? Camel milk. Yeah, supposedly it is creamier and sweeter than cow milk. There is one unfortunate side affect from drinking camel milk, you instantly develop a deep and abiding hatred against yourself as a Western infidel dog.